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If you sail from Athens direcly to Poros you will leave the island of Aegina on your right. Once passing the Poros lighthouse you will enter in a small strait between the island and the mainland. The first bay that opens to your left side is called the Russian bay after the abandoned 18 century old Russian naval base there. The remains can be seen on the shore. In the middle of the bay there is a small island with a church. The place is a nice anchorage for swimming and also for overnight stay especially during the high season when no docking place can be found in the main harbour. The western side it is quite protected from the wind and the wash created by passing ferries and fast boats.


Poros town harbour provides excellent year round shelter but, because of the constant traffic of large and small ferries, there is an almost continual wash caused by their wakes. The town is built on a small peninsula surrounded by quays along the S and NW sides. On the more popular and quieter NW side, visiting yachts can berth using their anchors stern/bows-to either the quay or the long pontoon that extends out at right angles from the N end of the quay. Pontoon berths: Signs on the pontoon forbid alongside berthing, however, any boat that attempts a stern to near the root of the pontoon will cross anchors with boats moored stern to in the immediate vicinity of the pontoon on the town quay (which is in 90 degrees to the pontoon). In practice, boats on the root of the pontoon are tied alongside, while some of the boats at the outer end are moored stern to. Depths along the quay here range from 2.5 – 3.5 metres and on the pontoon from 3.5 metres at the inshore end to over 10.0 metres at the outer end (as of June 2018, pontoon mooring is mostly alongside and there is no water/electricity on the pontoon). You will be dropping your anchor in around 10.0 metres wherever you decide to berth, so allow for lots of chain. Holding is excellent in mud. Water and electricity can be obtained on the quay but not at present on the pontoon. Part of W quay is under repair, and during weekends, the southern part of the west quay will be reserved for influx of local/Athenian cruiser boats. Yachts moored in this are will be asked to move further north towards the pontoon area.

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The village of Galatas is opposite the S quay of Poros town on the Peoloponese mainland. On the S quay, yachts can moor using their anchors stern/bows-to the quay just W of the laid moorings of the charter fleet and local boats. Depths here are 3.0 – 4.0 metres and you will be dropping your anchor in 5.0 – 6.0 metres. Holding is excellent in mud. Alternatively, at less busy periods a limited number of yachts can lie alongside the quay immediately E of the ferry quay (being sure not to obstruct the ferries), where there are depths of 3.5 – 4.0 metres.

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