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So called Colona bay is a beautiful and most polular anchorage on Kythnos. It is split by a sand bar into two small coves Fikiadha and Kolimpithres. Both are very well protected from the meltemi and southerlies. Depending on the prevailing wind, anchor either on the N or S side of the little coves. If the anchorage is full, you can drop your anchor near the NW and take a line to the N shore. Kolimpithres or Kolona is E of the sand bar which separates it from Fikiada is also a very attractive anchorage. On a small beach on the N side of the eastern cove, there is a hot spring in the shape of a small bathtub where you can relax. Unfortunately, it is very popular with motor cruisers from Athens during the summer weekends. Anchor to the S and take a line to a rock on the N shore. The bottom is weed and not always good holding. Drop the anchor on a sandy patch and always check the anchor by snorkeling.


There is now a restaurant over the sandbar. Its food is of an average quality.

The harbour of Merikas lies on the W side of the island, five miles S of the cape of Ak Kefalos at its northern tip. The main harbour used by the ferry boats and offers reasonable protection from the meltemi, which mainly gusts here from the NE. Visiting yachts can moor stern/bows to the quay SE of the short ferry jetty, where depths are 3.0 – 5.0 metres and the holding good in sand and mud. Shelter is good in the prevailing NE winds but strong westerlies would probably make the harbour untenable. 


There are several tavernas and a minimarket ashore. Buses go from here regularly to the Chora two miles uphill to the NE.


The harbour of Loutra is on the NE side of the island and it is more yacht-friendly than the main ferry harbour. Yachts can moor in one of three positions: stern/bows-to the quay of the NE breakwater using their anchors, where there is space for around 12 yachts; alongside the inside of the L-shaped extension, where there is space for two yachts; or alongside the outside of this extension, where there is room for four yachts. There is a hot mineral spring known from ancient times. Visitors can take relaxing batch in freely accessible hot water bathtub opposite to the harbour (S end of the beach). Water contains iron that was also mined on the island. An alternative if the harbour is full is the anchorage of Agias Irene cove.

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