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Livadhi is the only harbor in the island. You can either dock stern-to on the south side of the quay or anchor off. Either way there is good shelter from the meltemi despite the strong gusts. The docking area is usually very crowded and noisy. Yachts also anchor moor stern-to on the north side of the quay, but it is not to be recommended in strong northerlies as the holding is not good. In 2015 new concrete piers have been built enclosing a small harbour with mooring lines. If you prefer the alternative of anchoring off. Anchor at 6 m towards the north-west of the bay but stay clear from the area where the ferries maneuver.



Megalo Livadhi s an inlet in South East end of Serifos. The shelter here is good but the surroundings are somewhat bleak and isolated. There are remains of the mine industry on the island and diserted mines to the south side.

Athernative ancorage could be Koutala Bay on the south side of the island. It provides good shelter from the meltemi but it is subject to very violent gusts; they can go from 0 to 25 knots in almost no time.

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