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The harbor of Aegina, being close to Athens, is always crowded - especially at weekends. Yachts moor stern/bow-to using their anchors either on the N quay, where there are depths of 2.0 – 2.5 metres, or on the S quay, where there are depths at the W end of 5.0 – 6.0 metres but little more than a metre at the E end near the slipway. A yacht should keep well off the quay in either spot, since the ferries cause quite a wash on entry. Outside the harbour is a small marina, Aegina Marina, protected by a long detached breakwater, where yachts berth on long pontoons. However, this is usually filled with local yachts on permanent moorings and there is little space for visitors.


The small harbour of Perdikas lies on the SW coast of the island, 3.5 miles SSE of Aegina harbour. The harbour offers reasonable shelter in settled weather, but is open W and strong winds from that direction make it untenable. Yachts moor stern/bows-to using their anchors wherever there is space, taking lines to one of the two stone jetties. Depths are variable from 2.0 to 3.0 metres, but less in areas of ballasting.

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Perdika was once a fishremen village but today seems to exist only for its taverns as the whole harbour is surrounded by them. The fish and octopus specialties are outstanding.


he island of Moni is opposite of Perdika harbour. There are no inhabitants, but only deer, wild goats and peacocks that come close to you, in order to feed them. They serve as a local attraction by the people who run the snack bar on the beach.


The bay have deep, clear waters, good anchor holding. It's full of pine trees and it has a nice sandy beach as well as other places where you can go swimming, fishing or hiking through the island.

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There are couple of nice anchorages on the southern side of Aegina. Most popular of them Afoklisti offers a good holding and quite protected from the wind. During the season may be well crowded to stay on anchor so mooring line to nearby rocks is advisable to avoid turning with the wind. Another nice anchorage is Agia Marina on the eastern side of the island. The quay is packed with local fishermen boats but you can drop an anchor to the northern part of the bay where the water is crystal clear.   

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